17 March 2008

SlimVirgin still target of stalkers; Trolls and troll enablers rejoice

Up and coming stalker/troll Mackan79 is still up to his old stalking tricks. SlimVirgin had asked him to stop stalking her and Jayjg. Needless to say, he has not yet ceased his aggressive stalking campaign and Tony Sidaway, the moral compass of Wikipedia, was forced to make this comment on Mackan's talk page to counter his wild attacks. Mackan says “blah blah blah, I’m not a stalker look at how calm I am acting, blah, blah.” A typical response from an amoral troll.

This is a highly talented and skillful troll—if you don’t believe me just ask Georgewilliamherbert. Mackan79 was caught red handed socking/meatpuppeting for banned stalker Wordbomb and Georgewilliamherbert blocked him indefinitely (a soft punishment, I would have blocked him for life). However, the scoundrels came to Mackan’s rescue, shouting non-sensical things like “but this account was made before Wordbomb’s” and “He’s in a completely different location than Wordbomb.” Give me a break! As I noted in my previous post, I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night, trolls! Not surprisingly, he was unblocked by a Wikipedia Review partisan, Viridae. Let’s face it: Georgewilliamherbert, a highly respected admin, has done a lot of sock blocking; he’s not a newbie admin out on a blocking spree after his first six-pack. He got it right, but the trolls countered his moral and righteous block with moral depravity and disinformation.

Ohhh, but it does not end there: here is why the Super Troll was unblocked--Mackan79’s identity was verified by a troll enabling checkuser, Alison. MONGO raised the issue of Alison's troll enabling in the past and it was curiously swept under the rug. We can only assume that the trolls must have friends in high places. So, are we to believe that Alison actually verified Mackan's identity? Isn't it more likely that she is protecting a known troll? I, for one, find it hard to believe or trust any person that participates in that den of guttersnipes. Moreover, if I found that my own mother was participating in that forum, I am afraid she would never see my lovely Christmas cards again. But I digress...

Later, the trolls recruited an arbcom member to advocate destroying the evidence of this Wordbomb/Mackan connection. All I can say is thank G-d for small miracles, for SlimVirgin was online at that very time to stop this destruction of evidence and remind everyone of Mackan's egregious deeds. El troll extraordinare, Mackan, replied with this clever bit of trolling, but later removed it, presumably in fear of feeling the banhammer. This gutsy troll then went on to post on SlimVirgin's talk page, which she rightfully removed per WP:DONOTFEED.

In all of this darkness, there is light. And that light is Tony Sidaway (using his new and very creative username “Anticipation of A New Lover’s Arrival, The—very catchy). Tony, willing to take the point in the fight for good against evil, posted this to Mackan's talkpage, appropriately chastising Mackan for his blatant personal attacks. Predictably, the trolls came out of the wood work to assist a colleague in a time of need, led by none other than the President of the Stalking, Harassing, and Sexual Humiliation Committee, Dtobias. His smears were noted by Tony and he let him know that he was not going to put up with it. Finally, Tony was exhausted but not yet defeated by the trollery and chicanery that his righteous stand brought and he initiated an ArbCom to rid Wikipedia of this dastardly demon Wiki fiddler, Mackan. Unfortunately, it appears that the Arbcom in this instance is beholden to a certain group of wiki-villains and refused to accept the case to finally rid Wikipedia of a known stalker.

One day there shall be justice for these wiki-stalkers like Mackan79 and Dtobias, but for now we must accept the loss of the battle and continue the war. As long as we are lead by courageous and morally strident folks like Tony Sidaway, we are in good hands.

The Wiki Defender will be watching...


Anonymous said...

Stalkers and harassers like Mackan79, DTobias and Danny Wool are a blight on the project and they need to find another hobby.

If these three are not the evil Judd Bagley himself, then they have surely been hypnotized by him and are now wholly under his power (I gather Bagley can infect your mind while you sleep, via sinister spyware).

I'm glad Tony Sidaway has rejoined the fight for freedom against these vicious zombie-trolls. Remember what we are here for -- building an encyclopedia to feed the poor in Africa. If we stay vigilant against the masks of hate and evil, we can save the planet.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post, and the comment above. We really need to get a grip and control people like Mackan79, DTobias, Wool and Lar. They are a poison to our project, and a threat to our freedoms.

People said Durova and GeorgeWilliamHerbert were justified in taking a stand and banning stalkers and harassers. I go one further, I call them heroes and true patriots. I applaud them for holding up a beacon of hope, and for protecting Wikipedia from vicious outside trolls. Honest and open editors like SlimVirgin need to be allowed to go about their business in peace, without people forever checking their edits (illegal stalking) and challenging them (blatant harassment).

Anonymous said...

You're overdoing it. A bale, properly distributed, usually suffices; you don't need a barn full.

Krimpet said...

Haha, WordBomb aka [[User:User:Born at night but not last night]], is that you? :)

Alison said...

Lawl!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wikidefender, please be alert. You have been exposed, and are being stalked and harassed by that Hate-Pod The Wikipedia Review.

Beware. WR has lately been taken over by agenda obsessed demons; Awbrey, Bagley, Crosby, Kohs, Stills and Nash. And Young. They can read your mind through your posts, and have ruined many lives.

Alert code on red, fellow Wiki-defenders.

Lar said...

"We really need to get a grip and control people like Mackan79, DTobias, Wool and Lar."


Any publicity is good publicity, I guess...

Anonymous said...

Lar, please refactor your comments, and don't export your Wikipedia Review style intimidation, harassment and stalking here. Do what you like with your own cess-pit of viperous crows, but please, not here; no more here; no more, no more, no more.

Wiki-defender has bravely offered to go through all the edits made by you WR trolls. He'll figure out your IP addresses comparing them with external sites, and discuss you privately on secret lists, watching you at every moment until publicly declaring his findings. That should put an end to your evil stalking and vile privacy invasions for good.

Anonymous said...

I know Wikidefender has the best interests of the 'pedia at heart, and his efforts are much appreciated, but I think a Wiki-break or an enforced rest may be in order to halt this burn out.

What we need is an arena where outsiders with grievances against WP can air their complaints. We need to get people like Tobias, Lar, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and others round the table and make them face their previous crimes. Forgiveness, and on-Wiki mentoring can heal all.

Anonymous said...

Wiki Defender, why would
you want to defend
violent werewolfs who
make threats and want
to eat my fingers?

Anonymous said...

Is this a parody blog? A "Harvard Lampoon" sort of affair?

Anonymous said...

Go crawl back to Wikipedoa, troll!
Its me, Mr. Treason II!