15 March 2008

This blog has been a long time coming

So, you are probably all sitting there wondering who I am. Let's just say I am your friend. I am your friend if you aren't a lying stalking wikipedia troll that gets his kicks through harassment, stalking, and sexual humiliation of Wikipedia editors.

The title of this blog posting says it all. Any Wikipedia watcher knows (no, not the wikipedia-watch that I refuse to link to), The Wiki has been under attack from bad eggs and sleazeballs from every corner of the globe. This is evident in the so-called "scandals" that have occurred. The haranguing of Durova, accusations of impropriety directed at Great Wikipedians, and peaking in Jimmy Wales bedroom, has made it clear that we are a community under siege; finally, it was the the lynch mob that went after a fine editor of financial and Catholicism related articles that drove me over the edge. It is apparent that the troll memes are having an affect; they are even convincing overall right minded, moral, and prolific editors to assist them in their trolling games.

The kangaroo court was blood thirsty to see a fantastic editor hanged and was fanatical in its perverse quest to ruin Wikipedia. As Tony Sidaway's evidence proved conclusively, Mantanmoreland is a great editor and has contributed remarkably to The Project. It was a gruesome spectacle and a sad day for Wikipedians. The FUDers reign of terror is in full force.

Even if the trolls did not succeed in their blood lust, they have succeeded by spreading their rhetoric, disinformation, and propaganda to good but weak minded people. Their witch hunts are gaining in popularity. That is the reason I have taken the responsibility to counter these trolls.

Oh, and if you're wondering, I'm not about to reveal my Wikipedia ID so that some troll can call my sick grandmother at 4AM and ask her if her refrigerator is running. I was born at night, but it wasn't last night, trolls.

The Wiki Defender is watching.


Anonymous said...

Great post Wikidefender. The worst harrasser/stalker/nazi is the enemy Daniel Brandt who has been stalking and harassing respected Wikipedian SlimVirgin for a long time.
All SlimVirgin did was create an article on Brandt using scanned archives dating back to the 1960s to compile a complete record of Brandt's life from birth which was regularly added to and defaced with lies.
The evil Brandt saw this at the top of a google search, and notified the world of SlimVirgin's identity, to harass and stalk her. SlimVirgin became the most notable victim of the criminally insane Brandt and his vile privacy invasions. He is evil. And a stalker. And a harrasser. And a Nazi. And a stalker.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wiki-Defender. Love the new blog.
This business about Jimbo Wales and the lady is a NON STORY. Sick trolls and other vermin are trying to make something out of nothing. Why would anyone be interested in a boring story about Jimbo having an extra-marital affair with a known controversial man-stalker after negotiations over her bio which he managed to fix for her, before dumping her on his own website after text leaks of their steamy sex sessions which led to her selling his spunk stained clothes on ebay to massive media interest?

People interested in that kind of tittle-tattle are harassers with no interest in building an encyclopedia. It shouldn't be any of our concern who Jimmy is screwing, and which of his lays is selling his clothes on ebay.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wikidefender and the other posters. Yes, we must be vigilant against this creeping evil. Jimmy Wales is a great visionary, and he came to bring a light to all our lives. Yet like so many visionaries and prophets before him, he is being torn to shreds by a vicious, vile hate-mob.

What Jimmy gave us was love. He gave us our freedom, so we could anonymously collect information on every topic and person and shape them in our own voice. So that all the world could discover our words easily and effortlessly in a neat packaged article. Those who criticize him now for this great gift to humanity are demonic stalkers, liars, cowards and harassers.

They are enemies of Freedom.

Anonymous said...

I want to have your babies WikiDefender :D

Anonymous said...

Just remember: If you take on advertising, you'll owe me royalties.

You Know Who

Roger McNamee said...

I am very impressed with this blog and its rightly-directed ambition to protect Wikipedia at all costs. I have arranged for two $500,000 donations to be given to the Wikimedia Foundation, and now I have an article about me on Wikipedia. Please, don't anybody dig up any dirt on me, such as how my donations actually violate the IRS "public support test" for non-profit organizations. I don't want that to appear in the Wikipedia article about me, okay?

Gotta run. Bono's on the other line.

Anonymous said...

I also have very positive experiences with Wikipedia. Jimbo and I screwed our brains off in a hotel room, and he nicely arranged for my bio to be made much more favorable. I even made some spare money by selling some clothes he left behind on eBay. What a great guy, and what a great site!

RDH(Ghost In The Machine) said...

Hello friend.
You have certainly taken on a formidable task here. But that's ok, back in 06 when the Wikipedia Review, WikiTruth.info and my own lil critical blog started we were taking on a formidable task too.

Back then most of the world thought WP was the greatest thing since The Blair Witch Project and Jimmy Wales was a true visionary and all-around swell guy.

We were all a bunch of cranks, trolls, malcontents, Luddites, hoaxers, infidels and general purpose bastards for daring to question the gospel according to St. James.

We were very fortunate in one respect, however; we got a LOT of unexpected help from within Wikipedia and from Jimmy himself. Ultimately, this made all the difference in turning the tide of public opinion in our favor.

May you have the same luck, friend, in redeeming Wikipedia as we did in pointing out its flaws, failings and abuses...You'll need it.

Love to my sexy bitch David Gerard,